Not About Money: Non-Monetary Rewards Given in Casinos

Not About Money Non-Monetary Rewards Given in Casinos

You might think that casinos are about money only. What if we tell you that you are wrong? Sometimes, casinos will also give you other rewards that do not involve money. Do you want a trip to Europe? How about winning a car instead of cash?

Yes, you can win all these things once you become a loyal member of a casino. Specifically, you should become a VIP player. Now, how do you do that? You can pay for a VIP membership, or if the casino observes that you are betting more money than others, they may invite you to become one.

What are other complementary rewards that a casino offers? Here are some of the most popular deals in casino history.

#1. A Dream Vacation on Your Chosen Country

Yes, and that is an all-expense-paid trip! Well, at least for the airline ticket and the accommodation. Even if you pay for your allowance, it is still an excellent way to enjoy your winnings at the casino. Some favorite spots that casino players choose are Greece, Maldives, and Singapore.

What's more, some of them will allow you to bring your partner or your family. Indeed, you will feel that you are an outstanding member of the casino.

#2. Win A Car From a Tournament

This one may not be similar to the first, but some casinos offer cars as prizes. In PlayOJO casino, a player won a mini cooper after topping the list in a tournament. There was also one casino that created fun challenges with Porsche as a prize.

It saves you from processing the documents, and you got a new car! Not everyone has the chance to win an exciting reward like that. Although carving your way against competitors is a tough challenge.

#3. Formula-1 VIP Tickets

Have you watched the movie Ferrari vs. Ford? That is a brilliant movie that showcases the racing life of car enthusiasts. If you are a fan of this event, you might enjoy winning VIP tickets to a Formula-1 event. One casino did this deal where you only need at least one bet in a roulette game. Whoever won that prize was one lucky fellow.

Imagine sitting with a friend or a partner and watch the best racing cars driving in front of you. It is a VIP ticket, so you will not be sitting at the end of the benches!


Some casinos know what will encourage their players to gamble more. By going beyond the regular cash prize, gamblers get more excited to win a tournament or become VIP players. Apart from these rewards, you may even win the latest gadgets or other luxurious items. It is up to you if you will bite into the delicious trap made by these operators.

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